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My story: Learning English as a Second Language after Russian

Today’s story comes to us courtesy of guest writer Veronica Hunt, new blogger and fellow language lover, who wanted to share with The Polyglotist’s audience the experience of learning English as her second language. If you’ve ever been in her shoes, I’m sure you’ll find yourself nodding at a thing or two (And if you’re currently doing it, her advice will be very helpful!)

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Best Essay Writing Tools for Language Learners

As a language learner, I’ve always been a firm believer in writing as means of refining one’s hard earned language. Think about it. What better way to become a silver-tongued polyglot than by exploring the complexities of written language? A lot of other language learners will disagree with me in this one point, but I do think that writing is the basis of elegant language, whether it leaves through your mouth or your fingers. Keep reading to check out a great list of resources to use, either as a teacher or a student, to polish your essay writing skills!

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