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    TuBabel.com is a Spanish language dictionary, but not your garden variety one. It is an ambitious crowd-sourced project that aims to gather all the Spanish slang and colloquial expressions you would never find in a “respectable” dictionary. It doesn’t only hold the meaning for a word in one country: it will also show you what that word means in every country where Spanish is the official language. This way, you’ll know beforehand where a certain word is considered rude, and where it isn’t. It even has an “angel” mode and a “devil” mode that you can toggle between, in order to go from the PG words to the, ahem, spicier language.

    This site has a relatively low rating for two reasons. One is that every once in a while, it has server problems and disappears off the face of the internet for a day or two, only to come back like nothing happened. Don’t ask me why. The other problem is that it is somewhat poorly edited, so sometimes you’ll find errors, such as entries where instead of a definition, the contributor decided to make a comment instead, which really defeats the purpose of the entry in the first place.

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