Tae Kim’s Guide to Japanese

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    There’s a reason why Tae Kim is one of the few resources in the library with a full rating. Tae Kim’s Complete Guide to Japanese holds a God-like status among Japanese self-learners all over the Internet. Tae Kim wrote it for students like himself, so it is easy to understand but at the same time doesn’t expect you to learn Japanese in English. It spans many more grammar subjects than any textbook you could buy, all for the ridiculous price tag of $0.00 (although if you’re interested in giving back once you’ve used it, you can either donate to him or buy the printed version of the guide).  It’s been divided so that you can easily find what you need, so you don’t have to use it as a textbook but rather as support, too.

    Recently, it was converted into an iOS and Android app, making this essential piece of reading for Japanese learners a lot more portable.

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