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    Linguee is a hybrid dictionary, half dictionary, half translation search engine. The interesting part about this dictionary is that it allows you to look up both isolated words and full expressions, returning, rather than an explanation, actual translations taken from a wide variety of sites (so you’re actually looking at some translator’s work and not at a machine translation). Linguee also takes the additional trouble of measuring the frequency of the word you wanted to find in its translations, thus giving you both the most commonly used word and less common ones.

    However (and as always), nothing’s perfect. Linguee’s really good as it will find the word you’re trying to learn used in context, but it has a limited translation bank, so the context may not always be what you’re looking for (as in, it may return technical translations, or less-than-excellent translations). Don’t hold it against Linguee’s team–they’re only the ones providing the connection between you and the translation.

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