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    This app is based on the already well known “skill tree” model that was popularized by Duolingo, and holds one more feature in common with it: it’s also absolutely free! Each module has between two and five short lessons, although rather than teaching the language through its theory, this app definitely aims to introduce the student in a more practical way, through spelling exercises with two different speeds, hanzi construction and English-Chinese translation work.

    One of the things I like the most about this app is that it is chock-full of extra features that can almost be seen as “easter eggs”. It backs up every sentence, word and Chinese character you’ve mistaken in such a way that you can simply go back to that section and review only what you’ve done poorly in, or even make them into flashcards; other features include an interactive pinyin board that one can tap to get all of the sound combinations of Mandarin Chinese, and a section to learn how to “hand write” hanzi. Pretty neat, if you ask me!

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