Investing in languages

When you hear “investment”, does your head fill with dollar signs? If that is the case, you’ve got the wrong type of investment in mind (with the price tags one sees on language courses nowadays, though, I wouldn’t fault you for thinking so). This time, I want to talk about the need for emotional investment in regards to language studies. Read more

Spanish language diversity and its unavoidable consequences

I’m currently in Uruguay, visiting relatives. I’m not here doing language tourism (as my mother tongue is Spanish), but it’s felt rather like that in the last few days. If Spanish is Spanish here and in Mars, the obvious conclusion to that little piece of logic is that if you speak Spanish to anybody in a Spanish speaking country, they should be able to understand you easily, right? Read more

Brainy Talk: Home and Away modes

I think I’ve stated before that prior to becoming involved in this crazy language learning enterprise, Japanese was my first love. To this day it remains an important part of my day-to-day, both professionally and personally. One of the reasons why I adore this language is because it allows me to see (and understand!) an incredibly large amount of Japan’s variety TV. Read more