Why talking in a new language is like dancing

For reasons unknown to mankind, I like to dance. I say “for reasons unknown” because in spite of being a relatively sporty, outgoing child, I was also not particularly graceful growing up. If forced to hang a qualifying word on my persona, during the period between 5 and 20 years of age, this would have been “sturdy” rather than “graceful”. So in a nutshell, I was most definitely not the sort of person whose dancing one derives pleasure from seeing. Read more

Your portable device is Knowledge Central

The other day I sat next to a guy, who looked about my age, in the bus. He was frantically typing on his smartphone, no doubt firing message after message into his social networks. Nothing out of the extraordinary there. The shock came when he went back to his homescreen. You know how you can pack your apps into folders on iOS? Well, this guy repeatedly went back and forth between four pages of folders. At nine apps per folder, that’s 472 apps. Read more

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