Good news and bad news

After a long hiatus on new content, I’m back and ready to take all the languages in the world on. And in the spirit of starting anew, I would like to share a little bit about what happened with you, as well as share some good news and maybe, just maybe, appeal for your help as well.

So what’s the story, morning glory?

Some readers may already know that besides learning languages, I work in translation and interpretation to pay the bills. A very long story made short: since last year, I started working for a client who paid very well, but whose disorganization and antediluvian work process cost me a lot of days I had actually destined to work on The Polyglotist and other projects. This work relationship started eating into my language learning hours as well, until I eventually was doing nothing but working for these people while trying to keep The Polyglotist alive through guest posts (a few may have already realized I haven’t written much myself in the last six months).

At the same time, the financial situation in my country (Mexico) became very precarious within the span of one year. I won’t go into political explanations of why this happened, but after losing a lot of its value, at the end of 2015, the dollar-peso parity blew up this year. Since my country’s economy is heavily dollarized, this meant the cost of life went through the roof. I had to keep working my butt off just to stay afloat. I had actually planned to go to the Polyglot Conference in Thessaloniki this year, but because of the disparity between currencies, I realized spending only one week in Thessaloniki would cost me months of work and savings I did not have. Saddened, I decided not to go, even though one of The Polyglotist’s goals would be to make every effort to cover these kind of events all over the world.

Needless to say, the situation made me doubt whether I could continue with this project. It took months of deliberation to decide whether I wanted to keep doing work I was not enjoying one bit, and continue scraping by, or take a leap of faith and put my whole weight behind The Polyglotist (and quite possibly continue scraping by, but while doing something I really like).

…so here we are. Leap of faith taken. Let’s hope I don’t break a leg when I land.

Heavy stuff. So what’s the good news?

Como Aprender Cualquier Idioma

The good news is that I immediately put my head back in the language mindset, and finished writing my first book, “Como Aprender Un Idioma (sin morir en el intento)“, which you can now find on Amazon.

As you have already guessed, this book is in Spanish; however, it is only one of a ton of drafts (in Spanish, English and Japanese) that have been sitting around gathering dust while I worked for the aforementioned client. I’m actually working on my second book, which My goal is now to actually make a living out of writing and creating content about languages–as the goal for this project has always been. And this leads us to the “bad” news…

I’m already afraid.

Don’t be, dear reader, for what I’m about to say is absolutely up to you to decide.

I’ve mentioned before that The Polyglotist is a one woman show. I write, edit video and audio, create, interview, cover events, and do just about everything by myself. Up to now I have somehow been able to cover the cost of this blog by myself, but now that my main source of income has been greatly reduced, my ability to continue creating content for The Polyglotist so will be hampered without reader support.

What almost nobody knows is, I’m absolutely loath to ask for help without good reason–but now, The Polyglotist needs your help, and that is good enough reason to me to sit down and ask for it.

Understood. How can I help?

There’s a great many ways in which you can help:

  1. You can become a regular patron via Patreon, and help my community of readers support the website through a small monthly donation.
  2. If you do not want to donate regularly, you can also help by doing a small one-time only donation via Paypal. 
  3. You can buy language learning products from my affiliates. You will find links to the high quality products I endorse on the sidebar to the right of this, as well as on the monthly newsletter which will resume come January 2017.
  4. If you’re learning Spanish and want some reading material, please buy my book. Each sale goes back into supporting The Polyglotist.
  5. Strapped for money and can’t help, but you want to help anyway? You can still help a lot by sharing The Polyglotist through your social media! Make sure your friends learn about this project!

Your help will enable me to go back into devoting all of my time and work towards The Polyglotist and its language related projects. Eventually I want to be able to restart Babeltitlán, my podcast (and maybe even enable me to make it bilingual), and go back to editing useful language learning videos for my Youtube channel… but again, I need your help to get there. 

If you have any ideas on other ways you can help The Polyglotist or just want to share your thoughts, please leave them in the comments!