Once more, from the top.

One of the many beautiful statues in Centro Histórico, Querétaro.

Hello, and greetings from the beautiful state of Querétaro, México. It’s been quite a few months since I was last able to sit down and write for the blog, months full of reflections, experiences and activities… one of which was moving to a completely new city! I’ll admit this was a completely new experience for me–unlike many other language bloggers, I had (until last week) lived in the same city for the last twenty-seven years!

I’m very happy about this change of location. Querétaro is a city with a large multicultural community, one I’m more than excited to dive headfirst into. It’s also in a different linguistic region (in term of Mexican languages) to Mexico City: otomí (Hñähñu) is the dominating language here. I’d like to learn more about this language and the influence it may have in the region’s culture. Most of all, I’m incredibly excited about the change of escenery and the fresh new energy it’s brought me.

So what now?

In terms of what I’m doing right now, I’m still working on finishing my first book (which will be in Spanish, although I have other projects in English coming up soon as well). It should have been finished by April, but the chance of moving came up a few weeks before and life became too hectic then. Now that things are back on track, I’m hoping to be able to publish it soon (not saying when, though–let’s keep this one a secret, at least!).

In terms of what language I’m going to learn next? I’m not completely sure. I’m still sorely tempted to learn Arabic and/or refresh my French, but truth be told, I think I should explore Querétaro’s wonderful international community first, and see where the flow takes me; with minor exceptions, that’s what I’ve always done, and it’s always worked. There’s also an interesting language school scene here, which I’d like to peek into, in order to see what’s popular around here.

One last thing I should add: I’ve been asked if I will go to the Polyglot Conference in Thessaloniki, Greece, in October. In spite of the pain it causes me to say so, I think I should make it official: I will not be able to attend PC2016. I want to emphasize “not being able” because if it was up to me, I would love to; however, the Mexican currency (which has never been very strong to start with) has weakened a lot in the last few months, making a trip to Greece pretty much impossible for the time being. 🙁 We’ll always have next year, I guess.